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Nursing is well known as women's dominant jobs since the world war time which its being intoduce formally to world as a career and not just a maiden by the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale. However now in 21st century this career does not belong to the women anymore, men has started joining the force togather with all the female nurses to help patient.

In Malaysia, this phenomena of men became a nurse is still new and some people still feel odd and jerk towards men who taking this path. In their mind set, man who be a nurse must be a sissy man and the work of nurses is seen as a nasty job that shouldn't be done by a man. But no matter what people want to say, the nature of nursing profession is to help people to be funtional as a normal person should be. Since i;m joining this nursing program, thousands of time i heard the question "do you really like nursing?" "do you really want to be a nurse?" "why you want to be a nurse?" and the answer for those question is because i feel like to be one. Even though i'm not an excelent student and a very slow learner, i'm glad i choose nursing as my path of career.

I believe, when i help people sincerely God will help me in my life. Giving and serving people for their ease is always a happy ending for the giver, because the God promise He will enlighten our life with happiness if we help other people to be happy.

Therefor, i promised to myself to be a responsible nurse that will make my patient happy and healthy.

Oo God, please give me the strength to hold this sincerity in every action i did, just because of You, the Creator and the Sustainer of mankind - ameen|

Our Body

Human is made up beautifully by the God, no body with healthy mind will deny the fact that our body was made by the most powerful,skillfull and unchallenge God. NO ONE in this world can make a single cell with all its component,not even isaac newton if he still alive, not charles darwin cant make it, But God for sure can make it, because He is the creator of the universe and the sustainer to the entire contain in this universe.

Our body is composed of 12 system which are :-

  1. Integumentary system: skin, hair and nails
  2. Muscular system: moving the body with muscles
  3. Skeletal system: structural support and protection through bones
  4. Cardiovascular system: the blood circulation with heart, arteries and veins
  5. Lymphatic system
  6. Nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with brain and nerves
  7. Digestive system: processing food with mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines.
  8. Endocrine system: communicating within the body using hormones
  9. Urinary system: eliminating wastes from the body
  10. Immune system: defending against disease-causing agents
  11. Reproductive system: the sex organs
  12. Respiratory system: the organs used for breathing, the lungs

 Each is interrelated no one system is more important than another, each one system is not functioning the rest of the system will compensate to cover the failured system, but its only for a temporary recovery if the failure prolong all system will become haywired
Futher detail of the system please read it here :- Human Anatomy and Physiology

A Nurse Blog

This blog is a personal view of myself as a male nurse, even though at the moment i'm not yet employed by any hospital because i'm still in my final semester of my study. But nursing student is still a nurse, even without the licence of practice a student nurse still hold the responsiblity to help any people that fall sick no matter where they are.
The role of nurses is not only caring patients, but also to share knowledges and educate people about health and life. Hence, i promised myself to start sharing whatever knowledge i have here so that we can use it for our own benefit.
Best Regard,
Nurse Firdaus


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